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Zhi-Wei Xie

CEO, ScienBiziP China

Zhiwei Xie is the CEO of ScienBiziP Group. He has worked in the IP industry for 20 years and specializes in IP Management and Operations. Mr. Xie is a senior patent agent, litigation agent, and council member of the China IP Society. He has also been honored as the Guangdong government’s expert in IP.

Education and Admission

Bachelor’s Degree,Hunan University Material Shaping and Controlling engineering

Professional Background

CEO, ScienBiziP Group
General Manager, Foxconn Technology Group IP Dept.
Patent Engineer and Department Director, Foxconn Technology Group

Primary Practice

(1) Implemented large IP business consulting projects for government and enterprises.
(2) Implemented a national patent operation platform planning program.
(3) Team leader for the undertaking of patent operation experimental work (granted by the National Patent Operation Pioneer Enterprise).
(4) Team member in designing patent pledge financing project, which was adopted by the State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO) and is now widely used by SIPO.
(5) Guest speaker at National Ministry of Industry and Information and several large companies, with topics that included technology standards, patent and patent alliances, enterprise IP strategy, and IP risks, among others.

Practice Area

(1) Patent portfolio in the technical fields of computer systems, displays, consumer electronics, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), communications, and IoT.
(2) Global IP operations, including portfolio planning, infringement, transfer, transaction, and trade secret management.
(3) Building IP management systems, operation systems, and analysis systems.

  • During Mr. Xie’s tenure as the Foxconn Technology Group’s IP Dept. General Manager, Foxconn IP achieved a ranking of being the eighth most prolific in US patent applications and within the top three of patent applications to SIPO under his leadership. As well, Mr. Xie has made contributions in cultivating international talent for the IP industry in China.
  • Appointed by the Nantong IP Bureau in Jiangsu; made reports for ocean engineering equipment innovation development planning and ocean engineering patent navigation.
  • Appointed by the Guangdong IP Bureau; made reports for the Zhongshan electric vehicle industry thirteenth five-year development plan and Zhongshan electric vehicle industry patent navigation.